D-backs Bullpen could not contain the Pirates offense

Andrew McCutchen opened the bottom of ninth inning with a home run, catapulting the Pittsburgh Pirates to a 4-3 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks on Monday.

McCutchen pitched a 1-1 pitch from Archie Bradley (1-1) over the right forest wall. It was the eighth homer in the campaign for McCutchen, who was recently relegated to sixth in first-team order.

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Emerging Diamondbacks Chris Iannetta had tied the game moments earlier with a home run homer to closer Tony Watson. Watson (4-1) finished as the victor, despite losing his third save in 13 chances.

It was an expensive victory for the Pirates, as his right fielder Gregory Polanco had to leave the game with an injury. The Dominican player injured his right ankle when the sixth inning tried to catch a foul ball near the stands.

For the Diamondbacks, Venezuelans David Peralta 3-2, one notched; And Gregor Blanco of 4-1. Cuban Yasmany Tomás of 3-1, a powered.

For the Pirates, Gregory Polanco 2-1. Jose Osuna of 2-2, a scorer.