D-backs could not hold the lead and fall vs. Rockies

Mark Reynolds hit a grounded single, tied for the lead with two outs in the ninth, and scored in a wild pitch the Colorado Rockies’ 7-0 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks on Saturday.

Colorado rebounded from a four-run deficit, scoring three times against close-off Fernando Rodney (1-2), who gave two tickets and made two uncontrolled pitches to let him escape for the second time followed by a save chance.

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Carlos Estévez (3-0) was pocketed with an inning relay, without conceding an annotation. Greg Holland secured his 11th save for the Rockies, who have won the first two of a three-game series against Arizona.

The two teams occupy the first positions of the West Division of the National League.

Holland was aided by a great catch of Gerardo Parra, former player of the Diamondbacks. The Venezuelan dived to capture a line from Chris Owings in left field.

With a runner in the middle, Holland struck out Paul Goldschmidt to end the match.

For the Rockies, Venezuelans Carlos Gonzalez 3-0 with an annotated, Parra of 5-0, Alexi Amarista 1-1 with an annotated and produced.
For the Diamondbacks, the Cuban Yasmany Tomás of 4-1 with two pushed.
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