D-backs cut 9-game winning streak at home vs. Brewers

Manny Piña hit three hits – including two doubles – and drove in two runs and the Milwaukee Brewers cut the Arizona Diamondbacks’ nine-game winning streak at 8-6 on Friday.

Jake Lamb hit a three-run homer for the Diamondbacks, who settled into their ninth loss in all 33 of their home games so far this season. The Venezuelan David Peralta hit three hits and pushed one to Arizona.

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Brewers second baseman Jonathan Villar left the field injured on a stretcher after falling, with obvious pain, as he hit the ground in the right field to steal a base to Chris Herrmann in the eighth.

Hernan Perez shot a homer for Milwaukee and his compatriot Orlando Arcia finished with three singles and a sacrifice fly.

With the score slipping 4-4, Brett Phillips opened the sixth inning for the Brewers with a single, and Arcia hit the base in one touch. Venezuelan hitter Jesus Aguilar followed with a double to the corner of left field before reliever T.J. McFarland (3-1) who drove Phillips. Arcia scored on an error by left fielder Daniel Descalso to overtake Milwaukee 6-4.

For the Brewers, the Dominicans Domingo Santana of 3-1, with an annotated one; Jonathan Villar of 5-2, with an annotated and a driven. The Venezuelans Hernán
Perez of 4-1, with two scored and one driven; Manny Piña of 5-3, with two annotated and two driven; Orlando Arcia of 3-3, with an annotated and one impelled; Jesús Aguilar of 1-1, with an impelled.

For the Diamondbacks, the Venezuelans Grégor White of 4-1, with two annotated ones; David Peralta 5-3, with two runs scored and one RBI. Randall Delgado of Panama 1-0.