D-backs enjoy their best campaign start after beating Phillies

Zach Greinke worked five solid innings and the Arizona Diamondbacks made six runs in the first third of the game to clinch a 6-1 win over the Philadelphia Phillies in the final game of this series held at noon Monday at Chase Stadium Field in Phoenix.

Arizona went 49-for-28 in the NL West, while the Phillies are on the other side of the table, with 24 rebounds and 51 losses in the Eastern Division standing in the “old circuit” .

The Diamondbacks have the best start in their history for the first 76 ((one-season games, even surpassing that of the 2001 campaign when in the same number of games they were 46-31, in the end the D-backs would win that one Year World Series.

In addition, the Arizona team has won 12 of their last 14 games and 15 of their last 18, plus the triumph this Monday took home ninth in the season, equaling the total series won at Chase Field Throughout the 2016 season.

Greinke (9-4) emerged a shaky start in the first inning, where despite receiving a pair of hits, did not admit a run, then straightened the compass, struck out five opponents, tolerated only three hits, admitted a run and Gave away three bases.

Greinke was aided by Silvino Bracho, who started his relay with bad omens with two hits in the sixth but left the hole without allowing for annotation, Ruby De La Rosa and T. J. McFarland continued.

The loss was for Nick Pivetta (1-4), with 2.2 innings of action, for seven hits, six runs (all clean), five bases and three strikeouts. Adam Morgan, Hoby Milner, and Ricardo Pinto were also on the slope.

Arizona began their attack in the bottom of the first with home run of the first in the order, Chris Hermann, the southpaw hit a batter over his band that went from line above the fence to the right field.

In the bottom of the second inning Daniel Descalso hit a hit to the left field, scoring Chris Owings and the D-backs extended the lead with Hermann’s “horse-riding” run, thus signing his second afternoon .

Descalso found the bases full in the bottom of the third and hit a flush in the first and second gap, overtaking the stretched 1B Brock Stassi, to send David Peralta and Jake Lamb to the register. The score was closed by King Fuentes with a single to the right field that allowed Owings to step on the register.

The Phillies took the bleach out of the fifth when Daniel Nava hit a lead hit in the Andrew Knapp range.

Arizona hosts Chase Field on Tuesday at the St. Louis Cardinals at 6:40 local time, with the duel on the ridge between Tijuan Walker (6-3, 3.43) and Carlos Martinez (6-6, 2.87).