D-backs must win on tour if they intend to contend

Of the 48 games they have played this season, the D-backs have won 29 of them, a figure that has far exceeded expectations so far.

With a 29-19 record after sweeping the three-game series against the White Sox on Wednesday at Chase Field, the D-backs are 10 games above .500 for the first time since the end of the season. 2011. And the D-backs fans know what happened that season. His club won the West Pennant of the National League.

The next 25 games of 2017 could determine if the D-backs will be contenders or suitors. Of those 25 commitments, 19 are visitors, with Arizona averaging just 3.6 runs per game and a record of 8-11. In contrast, the D-backs have dominated at home and are 21-8, averaging six races per game.

The D-backs start a long 11-game 11-day tour of Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and Miami – starting Thursday night against the Brewers – coming off winning eight of their last nine engagements.

“I know our tour record is not perfect,” rookie manager Torey Lovullo admitted after the three-game sweep on Wednesday. “But I think the boys have to resist doing something different from what they have done so far this season.The tour we started is a long one.Let’s play as we have been doing, and we will see what position we are in for when Let’s go home on June 5th. ”

The way the D-backs have been playing away from home obviously has contrasted with their performance at home. It should be noted that four of the eight victories they have won on tour came in San Diego against a team of the Padres that has a .340 win percentage, the worst in Major Leagues, and that is 14 games of the first Place in the West of the National League.
The current 11-game tour could be a litmus test for D-backs to prove whether or not they are serious about this campaign.

“I really do not have a clear answer,” Chris Owings said of the team’s poor performance away from home. “We just try to jump into the field and win every game we play, whether at home or on tour, so I do not know what’s going on, we always play to win.”

One of the main problems of the D-backs on tour has been the offensive, where they rank 26th among the 30 clubs with a .223, 28th with 20 home runs average and in the basement with 69 Runs scored and 65 pushed.

Lovullo believes that 48 games is a sufficient sample to perceive that there could be a problem. But the helmsman is confident that his pupils will be able to solve it.
“I feel we need to perform better, and I think we can do better,” Lovullo said. “If you ask me if we are going to do it, my answer will be yes.”

The foreman said that when he looked closely at the schedule of the regular season during spring training, he saw the home stay against the Giants and Indians as an opportunity to start the season on the right foot. The D-backs responded by taking six of seven commitments.

“I think this tour is going to be a great test for us, we will have to go out and compete for you with our rivals. We must show our fighting spirit and do our work.”