Fernando Rodney is a master when it comes to reacting and recovering

On April 29, Fernando Rodney let out a Diamondback advantage for the second straight game, seeing his effectiveness at 12.60 worsen, prompting speculation that manager Torey Lovullo could take him away from the Arizona closer.

However, at that moment Lovullo confirmed in the charge to the Dominican, who has rewarded that confidence with 13 consecutive presentations (12.2 entries) without allowing clean race, saving 10 games in 11 opportunities.

“It’s been so long in the game,” Lovullo said in explaining his decision a month and a half ago. “He’s a 40-year-old pitcher who has seen and experienced practically all the baseball results and has been able to cope in good times and bad times.

Indeed, Rodney’s 15-year history in the majors is full of ups and downs, between seasons and between specific periods within several campaigns:

After two seasons to forget in the Angels from 2010 to 2011, (EFE of 4.50 with WHIP of 1,590), the native of SamanĂ¡ delivered in 2012 with the Rays the best effectiveness (0.60) of a reliever with at least 50.0 tickets In the history of Major Leagues, with WHIP of 0.777.

From then on, there were good and not so good seasons with the Rays and the Mariners, followed by a brilliant first half by the Padres (0.31 from EFE in 28 games, 17 saves and a All-Star game) and A terrible second for the Marlins (5.89 in 38 appearances).

The 2017 has represented another subibaja for Rodney.

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How does the Dominican remain balanced and with confidence intact amid so much turbulence?

“Thank God I’ve been able to survive in that part, which is the game,” Rodney said. “You know, my situation is a very critical situation, which is to save a game. When things go wrong, I feel, I meditate, I plan things very well to see what I did wrong, what I have to work to overcome the next day.

“I think that’s why we play baseball every day.It’s going to be bad today for you to do well tomorrow.That’s what I understood.”