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I am a sports fan (obviously) who is new to this blogging thing, but I hear constantly that I should be a sports writer. I suppose this is the next best thing, right? College football, in all its purity, is my favorite sport, but baseball is the most perfect game there is. That is what you will be reading about from me for the most part, that is until my Buckeyes take the field! O-H!!

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Baseball Should Come Clean posted on 07/31/2009
With the recent leak of yet two more individuals from the list of players who tested positive for steroids in the 2003 voluntary test survey, it is my belief that baseball is slowly killing itself. The problem is, I'm not sure they realize it. Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz are the two that were announced on July 30, and who's next to be buzz-sawed? I think someone in the commissioner's office needs to convince Bud Selig to gather up everyone on that list who hasn't already been mentioned, and get their permission (it was completely voluntary, after all) to make the entire list available to the public, let the media have their fun, and get it over and done with. People will eventually forget about it, we can all move on, and baseball can go on refurbishing its reputation 

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Slump or Chump? posted on 07/29/2009

Okay. I understand that players go through slumps at the plate, but you can no longer consider what Chris Young is doing at the plate a "slump". He is now under the "just not very good with a bat in his hands" category. Sure, he's probably the best defending outfielder the Arizona Diamondbacks have right now, but hovering around .200 at the dish is unacceptable, especially now that we're at the end of July, and more importantly, at the price he's being paid. Yes, he had a good 2007 campaign, but he was new to the League, and pitchers just didn't know what not to throw him. Now that the word is out, he hasn't adjusted properly.

My suggestion? Move him for some immediate bullpen help, get rid of the $6 million he's owed for each of the next 4+ years, and replace him with man-child Justin Upton in center (he will get better in the field). Gerrardo Parra would play every day in left, and Alex Romero right, at least until Conor Jackson is able to return (get well soon, buddy!). You may think that sounds silly right now, but just pay attention.

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