The best trade deadline pick-ups in Arizona Diamondbacks history

Even when they were winning, that hasn’t necessarily translated into significant activity: the 2007 side, which won the NL West, were entirely passive in terms of deals. But I’ve gone through the history of the team, and pulled out all the “trade deadline pick-ups”. By which I mean, players acquired by Arizona after the start of July, for the apparent purposes of improving the team that season. Basically, if the team was at or above .500. I’ve then looked at the value the player acquired brought to the team, again, during that regular season only (not including any post-season games), and ranked them in increasing order of bWAR for the year.

Note this doesn’t reflect any future value, from further years down the road. If it did, the trade which got us Ziegler would certainly be ranked higher! * indicates the tally is currently incomplete.

We were just four games off the pace, and Kirk Gibson said: “It definitely makes us stronger as a staff. He’s certainly a guy who will add to our rotation, and he makes us better. He’s a veteran guy, a bulldog. He knows how to pitch and get out of situations.” But his time here ended when he had his leg broken in his third start by a comebacker off the bat of Angel Pagan (below). It might have been merciful. His 9.53 ERA as a D-back, is the worst ever by any pitcher with more than one start for Arizona.