Tom’s HR helped D-backs repeat the dose to Mets

Yasmany Tomas blew a homer off the rebounding Mets and Zack Greinke pitched the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-4 over New York on Tuesday.

Tomás has hit home runs in five consecutive rounds against the Mets, who equaled his worst record of the season with six straight losses.

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The Diamondbacks improved to 6-1 their record in their last seven games against New York. Of his 23 wins this season, 17 were in his stadium.

A third inning with four touchdowns gave the Diamondbacks a 4-1 lead before Tom homered for the right-field pool in the sixth to put the 5-2 on the board. Rene Rivera hit a two-run homer to Greinke in the seventh to cut distance.

Greinke (5-2) allowed four runs and five hits and struck out eight in 6 innings and two-thirds to defeat the Mets for the fifth time in a row. He received help from relievers Andrew Chafin, Archie Bradly and Dominican Fernando Rodney, who combined to leave New York blank for the rest of the game.

For the Mets, the Dominicans Jose Reyes of 4-0, Juan Lagares of 1-0. The Venezuelan Wilmer Flores 3-1. Puerto Rican René Rivera 3-1 with a run scored and two RBIs.

For the Diamondbacks, Venezuelans Grégor White 4-1 with a run scored and two RBIs, David Peralta 1-0. The Cuban Yasmany Tomás of 3-1 with an annotated and a towed.