Yasmany Tomás celebrated Mother’s Day with a special call

Between Phoenix, Arizona and the island of Cuba there is something like 1,929 miles, but for a few minutes, he was only seconds behind in a video conference held by the Arizona Diamondback player, Yasmany Tomás and his mother Melba Rosa Bacallao.

It was certainly an emotional celebration of Mother’s Day that Tomas had, while his mother says that one of the most strange things about Yasmany is his presence at home, his voice and his good humor.

The Cuban slugger has nearly four years that does not have the opportunity to enjoy the physical presence of his mother, and what is even more strange is his presence and encouragement before each game.

“Every time I talk to my mother, every three days, I repeat the same words: that strong hot, I go forward, no matter if you tomb more games, I keep thinking about the next game as there are always times when things Do not go well, be always positive and prepared to avoid any injury and be ready every day to play as many games as possible, “he said.

He also recalled that as a child he had all the support of his parents to become a baseball player.

“As a child I always liked the ball, they always supported me, it was a fundamental push for me, both father and my family, my grandfather, my mom was always taking me to training, always supported me a lot, my family has always been a Bulwark, “he said.

According to his mother, Tomas was a “well-behaved” child, this to the question of how he had been as a kid the D-backs slugger.

“He was a calm, calm boy, he always liked the ball, and when he had to be with the ball he enjoyed it a lot,” he said.

For Yasmany, being away from his family has been very hard, even though in Phoenix he has the presence of his wife and daughter, he has had to deal with not being able to hug or see his closest relatives.

“It’s quite hard after 23 years, always in that nucleus, without any problem, it has been hard, although I live with my wife and my girl, but the support of having the family is fundamental, hopefully I can have them someday Family, who can see them, who may be in a game, “he said.

About a special gift from Tomás for his mother would be to see it live, and although that is almost impossible, the Cuban is sure to dedicate the performance of the game next Sunday against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

“A special gift would be to see her, I know it is very difficult, to try to see how to communicate with her. If I had the way to dedicate the game, I would be playing the best I could,” he said.

While Melba said he has great hope for Tomás, who after seeing him become a major league player, he now wants him to become a member of the Hall of Fame.

“I want you to continue as you are, to enjoy this sport, to take great care of yourself, I want you to know that my blessing will always accompany you, you have achieved many goals in life, I know you are going little by little, so you did with Industrials , With the Cuban team and I hope that God will accompany you so that you can reach the Hall of Fame, “he said.

Finally Thomas expressed his wishes for his mother for this coming May 14.

“I want to wish her the greatest happiness in the world, she knows that I love her very much, that I always have her present in every activity I do in the United States, hopefully she will have the opportunity to meet us again and enjoy many days together,” she said.